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you can learn how to play nyunga nyunga with internet


about nyunga nyunga


nyunga nyunga is the musical instrument which Zimbabwean Shona people have played from long time before. in zimbabwe,people have played nyunga nyunga, sang story of daily affair,sometimes serious story,sometimes funny story. nyunga nyunga also called “munyonga”. munyonga means shape of the keys of nyunga nyunga. no one knows nyunga nyunga(munyonga) have played from when.


generally, nyunga nyunga have 15keys, but “musekiwa chingodza” found out 16keys nyunga nyunga can play *mbira’s ancient songs.


with this lecture, you can learn how to play 16keys nyunga nyunga.

*mbira: zimbabwean instrument which shona people played for praying ancestor spirits from long time before.


Musekiwa Chingodza



Musekiwa Chingodza was born into a family of great mbira players in Mwangara village, Murehwa, Zimbabwe, in 1970. He began playing mbira at the age of five and is self-taught. Through listening to other gwenyambira, or great mbira players, he developed a strong attachment to and love for mbira music. He says, “Our music is both medicine and food, as mbira has the power to heal and to provide for people. Mbira pleases both the living and the dead.” In 1991 Musekiwa was a key member of the band Panjea and composed the hit song “Ganda” on Panjea’s Zimbabwean album. For many years Musekiwa taught traditional music at Prince Edward School in Harare. He is an excellent singer, dancer and drummer and plays both mbira dzavadzimu and nyunga nyunga. Following up on his widely acclaimed CD with Jennifer Kyker, entitled “Tsunga,” Musekiwa released his CD “VaChingodza Budai Pachena.” His newest CD “Tomutenda Mambo,” was released in 2011. Musekiwa is also an accomplished ngoma (drum) player in the Shona tradition, and he excels in playing hosho (gourd shakers), singing, and traditional dance. Musekiwa now visits the US regularly, teaching and performing, with visits sponsored by Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center in Eugene, Oregon.



scale of the keys and name of the parts


↑ this is the scale of “F tuning 16keys nyunga nyunga”. F tuning nyunga nyunga is the most popular nyunga nyunga in zimbabwe. F tuning nyunga nyunga can play with same tuning nyunga nyunga and “C tuning mbira”.



about the keys

L means left, R is right, M is middle,
upper keys have L1~L3, M4, R1~R3,
bottom keys have L0~L4, R1~R4.


let’s start nyunga nyunga lesson (free)

this lesson is for Ftuning 16keys nyunga nyunga


1 go to this page


2 you can login with this information
username : trial
pass word : trial


3 you can learn how to play


Learn procedure(ebook)


1. after buy nyunga nyunga music score,
songs for listening will come to your email address (refer “download songs” in this page).


2. in few days,
username and password will come to your email address.
then,you can login to this page below,
you can start to learn how to play nyunga nyunga with ebook (refer “songs which you can learn” in this page)!


Ebook sample


download songs
01. Nhemamusasa
02. Chamutengure
03. Chigwaya
04. Mukai Tiende
05. Taireva
06. Todzungaira
07. Manyatera
08. Manhanga
09. Shanda

instrument : nyunganyunga F tuning, mbira C tuning, hosho
play : musekiwa chingodza, sumi madzitateguru, tinashe chingodza
recording : big boy studio in zimbabwe


songs which you can learn (for Ftuning 16keys nyuga nyunga)

Nhemamusasa 3 parts
Chamutengure 3 parts
Mukai Tiende 2 parts
Todzungaira 2 parts

if you have question send message to

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Erika Hayashi

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unauthorized copying,selling,hiring or rental directly or indirectly of all recording sounds is prohibited.



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